UNIQUE RECIPE OF TIL KE LADDU IN 2022 Til ke laddu is a healthy, succulent, and nutty laddu prepared with white sesame seeds, jaggery, peanuts, and withered coconut. A vegan form and also a Makar Sankranti jubilee special sweet.

Growing up in a Maharashtrian community in Mumbai, during Makar Sankranti, Til gul ladoos (’til’means sesame seeds and‘gul’is jaggery in Marathi) have participated with everyone with these words – Til gul ghya god god bola.

This means take the til gull and speak sweet words. By evening we’d have a big jar full of tilgul laddu and sugar delicacies, which we’d couloir on happily.

In this til laddu form, I’ve cooked the jaggery saccharinity to a softball stage. So this gives the ladoo a soft and leathery texture.

You can also cook the jaggery saccharinity to a hardball stage and you’ll get firm and thick sesame laddu.

The til ke laddu form also features peanuts and withered coconut. Sesame seeds, peanuts, coconut are a truly winning combination in terms of taste and flavor. Don’t you agree?

Still, also do check this easy Peanut Ladoo Form which is made with ground peanuts and jaggery, If you like peanuts.

Til ke laddu makes for a good warming sweet snack during the layoffs. Make them, store them, and have them whenever you want. The form makes for 10 to 12 til ke laddu. But you can double or triple it.

There are numerous ways til laddu is made. I’ve participated two easier performances that don’t include the tricky part of cooking the jaggery saccharinity.
Still, also I do recommend you to try these easy til laddu fashions listed below, If you’re a newbie or a freshman.

Til Gud Ladoo – where the sesame seeds are ground and it’s an easy form where no jaggery saccharinity is made.
Til Khoya Ladoo – then the ladoo is made with ground sesame seeds greasepaint and khoya (mawa).
How to make Til ke Laddu


1. Toast a kadai or visage and add ⅓ mug sesame seeds to it. The visage shouldn’t be too hot but on low heat.

2. On a low honey repast the sesame seeds. Stir at intervals.

3. The sesame seeds pop and change color. On a low heat, this takes about 2 to 3 twinkles. Don’t brown them.

4. Once the sesame seeds are roasted well, remove them and set away in a plate.
Riding peanuts


5. Also add ¼ mug of peanuts to the same visage. These are raw peanuts and not heated or interspersed peanuts.

6. Dry repast the peanuts on a low heat shifting frequently until they come brickle and get a many black spots or pocks on them.

7. Remove the peanuts in a mortar pestle. Allow them to cool. However, once they’re cooled, If you want you can remove the peanut skins by rubbing them between your triumphs.

Riding desiccated coconut

8. In the same visage, add ¼ mug desiccated coconut.

making til ke laddu form

9. Stir continuously while riding the coconut.

10. Rally the coconut until it becomes light golden or golden. Switch off the heat.

Making til laddu admixture

11. Add the roasted coconut to the roasted sesame seeds.

12. When the peanuts have cooled, crush them coarsely. You can also crush them in a blender or spice grinder.

13. Add the coarsely crushed peanuts to the roasted coconut and sesame seeds.

14. Next add ¼ tablespoon cardamom grease paint.

15. Mix ver

16. In the same visage or kadai, take ½ heaped mug pulverized jaggery or grated jaggery.


17. Add 3 soupspoons water

18. Keep the kadai or visage on the stovetop on a low heat.

19. Keep on stirring the jaggery so that it dissolves.

TIP If the jaggery has contaminations, also filter the result and keep the filtered jaggery saccharinity back on the stovetop. I used organic powdered jaggery, so there were no contaminations.

20. On a low honey poach this jaggery and water saccharinity. It’ll start washing first.

21. You have to continue to cook until you come to a soft ball stage in the jaggery result. Keep stirring non-stop.

22. To check the softball stage, take some water in a small coliseum. Drop a bit of jaggery result in the water. Remove it and it should be sticky and form itself into a softball.

23. At this thickness in the below print, the softball stage had reached in the jaggery saccharinity.


24. At this stage, switch off the heat and add the dry roasted admixture of sesame seeds, desiccated coconut, crushed peanuts and cardamom greasepaint.

25. Mix snappily and completely the dry roasted admixture with the jaggery result.

26. Keep the visage on your kitchen countertop or work face.

27. When the admixture is still hot, begin to form and shape til laddu fromit.However, also stay for a nanosecond and also form the laddu, If it’s too hot.

Spread some canvas or water in your triumphs to form the ladoo. However, also stay for some seconds and also make the sesame laddu, If you aren’t suitable to shape when the admixture is too hot.

28. You can also use a ½ to 1 teaspoon measure ladle, for lading the admixture and making the sesame laddu. Also just shape the laddu once you lade them out.

Do shape the laddu when the admixture shot. However, also the til ke laddu can not be made, if the admixture cools down.

29. For the last batch, scrape the sides veritably well and also make til laddu from it.

30. Make all the sesame laddu this way. Store in a watertight jar at room temperature.

31. Serve Til ke Laddu during Makar Sankranti jubilee or have them as a sweet snack. You can fluently double or triple the form and make a large batch that can be stored in an air-tight vessel for a couple of weeks.



make til ka laddu at home and enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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