Top 6 Vada Pav food in mumbai street

Top 6 Vada Pav food in Mumbai street

Samrat Vada Pav

If we had to select one street food dish that aptly captures the heartbeat of Mumbai city, a plate of Vada Pav would be it.

Maharashtra’s favorite street food preparation, just the imagery of a golden, spice-laden, deep-friend potato patty wedged between two fluffy pieces of bread, is enough to form our mouths water uncontrollably.

And once you visit any city in Maharasthra and spot a delicious-smelling vada pav stall in nearly every nook and cranny of the streets, it becomes obvious that tons of individuals share an equivalent sentiment for the dish

1. Cheeseburst Vada Pav


The evergreen gets a cheesy spin during this easy homemade recipe.

I mean, just imagine taking an utter of your favorite deep-fried beauty, and outcomes oozing salty, gooey, molten cheese.

If that made you lick your lips inadvertently, this Youtube video tutorial by chef Sanjyot Keer will bring assist you to bring the image to life.

We especially love the detailed instructions during this tutorial and therefore the bilingual descriptions!

2. Schezwan Vada Pav


If you are a total sucker for Desi Chinese food and in equal measure, we just found how to bring the 2 together.

This preparation full of crispy fried noodles, and loaded with spicy Schezwan chutney is completely lip-smacking in taste.

In another immensely informative Youtube recipe tutorial, Chef Sanjyot Keer teaches you exactly the way to bring this delightful idea to life, right in your kitchen

3. Sriracha Pav Vada


Can’t enjoy your food, unless it’s spicy enough to form you teary-eyed? Then this is often the most well-liked Vada Pav recipe we found only for you!

This recipe comes with the sharp zing of Sriracha sauce and makes for a flavorous platter you’ll wipe totally clean.

We recommend this Youtube recipe tutorial by So Zesty, for its easy-to-follow instructions, and usage of readily available ingredients.

4. Vadapav Quesadilla

Vadapav Quesadilla

Bridging the gap between Mexican and Indian cuisine, this recipe literally brings to your table, the simplest of both worlds.

Especially if you’re on the lookout for how to enjoy some scrumptious vada pavs, without feeling guilty about chomping on deep-fried potatoes, this Youtube recipe tutorial by Kutchi Chokri is that the ideal solution.

our favorite thing about this tutorial has got to be the utilization of leftover rotis to make a luscious snack.

5. Maggi Vada Pav

Maggi Vada Pav

We all love Maggi, right? So when two delicious classics close, the top product is sure to delight your tastebuds beyond measure.

and that is exactly what happens during this simple Maggi  recipe idea.

This Youtuber recipe tutorial by Yum takes you thru the steps of making this yummy concoction from scratch, and without venturing outside your house at all!

6. Vada Pav Fondue

Vada Pav Fondue

 lovers, trust us once we say this is often a flavourful fusion you absolutely can’t afford to miss out on.

almost like the Maharashtrian dish of Pitla, this Vada Pav Fondue recipe comes with a contemporary, fantastic-tasting twist.

Imagine dunking a mini-fried Vada Pav into a toothsome Besan chutney.

Now let your imagination come true, by following this easy Youtube recipe tutorial by Chef Sanjyot Keer!

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