Top 3 sweet dish in India

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Top 3 sweet dish in India




 Laddu is the most well known happy

treat in India.


There are various variants of this


most loved sweet God and the most

well known is 

 motichoor laddu.


It is accepted tha the pastry was 

concocted by an old Indian doctor,


Su-sutra, who utilized sesame laddus as

 a sterile to treat his careful patients.


Laddus are additionally the most well-

known sweet contributions made to





Gulab jamun

(likewise spelled gulaabi ki janu)

is a milk-strong based sweet from the 

Indian subcontinent,


and a kind of mithai, famous in a

Pakistan, the Maldives.


(where it is known as gulab ki janu), and


(where it is known as golap jam),

just as Myanmar.

Gulab jamun

It is like wise normal in countries with

generous popular of individuals



South Asian legacy, like ,
Mauritius, Fiji, the Malay
Peninsula, Great Britain,
South Africa, and
 the Caribbean nations of
Trinidad and Tobago,
Guyana, and Suriname



Itis made essentially from milk solids, 

generally from khoya,


which is milk diminished to the

consistency of a delicate batter.


Present day plans call for dried or

powdered milk rather than khoya. 


Itis frequently decorated with dried 

nuts like almonds and cashews to 

upgrade  flavor.







Jalebi is made for the most part from 

milk solids, generally from khoya

which is milk diminished to the 

consistency of a delicate batter. 



Present day plans call for dried or 

powdered milk rather than khoya. 


It This sweet can be served warm or cold.


They have a to some degree chewy 

surface with a solidified sweet outside




Citrus extract or lime juice is now and

then  add  to the syrup, just as rose



Jalebi  is eaten with curd or rabri (North India)


alongside discretionary different



for example, kewra (scented water). 


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