“TOP 12 DELICIOUS FOOD IN GOA” and  Goa is understood for its climate.

The tropical climate has  so influenced the food of Goa making Goa food intense in the  flavours and spices.

The staple food in Goa is rice as well as  fish curry.

Most of the dishes use coconuts equally with  rice and  fish and  pork and  meat and native spices like kokum.

 infact, Goa was a Portuguese colony before  the 1961, and

hence, for example  the Portuguese so  influenced most of their food in the goa. 

 lets known,about TOP 12 DELICIOUS FOOD IN GOA 

1.Goa fish curry

Goa fish curry


Xitti Kodi

The Goa  fish curry o the Xitti Kodi is that the so , accrodingly, staple diet of each Goa  making it is 

a famous food of Goa.

Raw mango is so much  additionally would not  and give again  so the ,dish a  so tangy flavour.

The most ingredients of the dish are a decent-sized  in addition to Pomfret and raw mangos.

further, than the  Pomfret and Kingfish can also be a used in the .


2.Shark Ambot Tik


Goan Cuisine, Food of Goa

Ambot Tik may be a Portuguese influenced  food in goa  . ‘Ambot’ means sour and ‘tik’ means spicy.

Red chillies  from (Kashmiri) are  would not to add spice to,

The  goa dishs and Kokums dishes  (Garcinia indicia) is employed to form the dish taste sour in the goa .

Shark fish is diced and tossed with a onions, tomatoes and masala etc.


3. Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti

Consists of poppy seeds and Kashmiri red chillies.

beside, this is often yet one more Portuguese influenced famous Goan food.

The Goan curry consists of chicken and potatoes and onions and  coconuts, next chillies  and other spices.

Kashmiri chillies  are so specifically used in  moreover  as they provide likewise,

Intense hot flavour and also give colour to the dish.

this is often one among the foremost popular Goan Food.


4. Goan Pork Vindaloo

Goan Pork Vindaloo

‘Vin’ comes from the word vinegar and ‘ahlo‘ means garlic in Portuguese.

it’s said that this Goan food was previously called Vindahlo but due to.

the utilization of potatoes, folks started calling it Vindaloo (aloo means potatoes).

The dish consists of pork and  onions and chillies, secondly garlic along side Vinegar similarly  and other spices.

Masala is   ready with   by using the chillies and others.

 after , The dish is are the  friend using onions and other herbs.

 next ,The older the dish gets, the higher it tastes because of 

the meat get marinated  properly  with and absorbs the flavours.


5. Sorpotel


Goan Cuisine, Food of Goa

Soro’ may be a Konkani word that translates to alcohol or liquor.

Sorpotel (also referred to as sarapatel) may be a famous food  in the  Goa.

 next, Pork and beef or mutton liver are used for this dish.

The meat is par boiled and therefore the fat is fried.

Onion and  garlic and therefore the masala prepared are added along with side other spices and herbs.

Sorpotel are often consumed any time of the day, however, some people prefer it to possess it for breakfast.



6. Feijoada – Red Beans With Pork

Feijoada - Red Beans With Pork

Goan Cuisine, Food of Goa

This dish may be a stew of red beans and pork.

Goan feijoada may be a Portuguese influenced recipe.

Salted pork, masala and red beans are combined and fried to organize this dish.

 firstly, Coconut milk could add all so be added moreover  than water ,.

 secondly , the gravy is  so coconut milk will be  add a singular flavour and provides a so  thicker consistency.

Goan  feijoada is served with rice or pois.



7. Chicken Cafreal

Chicken Cafreal


Cafreal chicken

may be a spicy green coloured dish which will leave your mouth watering.

Grinding green chillies, herbs and various spices together make the masala for the chicken.

Then, the chicken is mixed with this masala and fried.

This Goan dish does not  require anything on the side ,but it is going to be served with salads.



8. Sorak



Sorak may be a simple vegetarian curry made by especially during the monsoon season in the  Goa.

Curry consists of spicy masala with onions and tomatoes.

Sorak is best enjoyed with hot steaming rice or dry fish.



9. Samarachi Kodi

Samarachi Kodi


Samarachi Kodi may be a dish prepared during.

the monsoons. it’s a dry prawn curry.

Dry prawns and onion and coconut, tamarind and tomatoes

are ,the most ingredients which a lover with a spicy and  tangy masala.

Coconut milk is added to offer it the standard flavour and texture.

 further ,Some also use in  the  Bombay ducks and  than prawns.

Samarachi  Kodi is served best with hot rice and pickles.



10. Prawns Xeque Xeque

Prawns Xeque Xeque

Xec Xec  Prawns  Xeque Xeque is an exotic dish of prawns and  coconut milk and  tomatoes and  green chillies and onions.

The masala is mixed with prawns and added to sautéed onions secondly and garlic and tomatoes.

The coconut milk is added gradually.

This Goan dish are often accompanied with Sannas and dosas or fugias.



11. Patolea

PatoleaPronounced as ‘pathayo’, Patolea may be a sweet dish which will even be a consumed along side tea.

For the dish, Goas famous  red rice is employed with tamarind leaves  in the (Haldi ka patta).

A filling of coconut  with and  Goas  jaggery so,  and cardamom is formed and stuffed inside the dish .

the leaves of tarmarind   further  (that are lined with rice paste)  etc ,

therefore, the leaves are then folded or wrapped and steamed for 20 minutes.



12. Crab Xacuti

Crab Xacuti

Crab Xacuti may be a famous dish of Goa Food.

Preparation of this dish is analogous thereto of Chicken Xacuti.

accordingly ,The crabs are the to so  be boiled  with for quarter-hour before the using  proceeding. after that ,,

Eggs could also be a an  added to with  in  ,the curry to form it thicker and fluffy in  the consistency.


            lets trip with tast enjoy tasty tripes ……..,,,,

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