DIFFERENT STYLES AND FLAVOURS OF  panipuri or fuchka, gupchup and golgappa is a type of snack that is originated in the Indian subcontinent,  is one of this most common street foods in India, moreover  and also Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.


According to a legend, in the Mahabharata, she invented the Pani Puri. When the Pandava brothers,

she, and their mother Kunti were in exile after  because losing their kingdom in a game of dice, Kunti threw she a challenge


1. Fire Pani Puri At Nagpur’s Chaska Chaat Corner

FIRE PANI PURI | India's First Fire Golgappa | Indian Street Food | Nagpur Food | आग वाली पानीपूरी - YouTube

When you do visit Nagpur or currently living there, do try beca use  India’s first Fire Pani Puri like fire . U will visit again and again .

It is prepared with larger puri for because of the   your guilty  so pleasure with a spread of ingredients in your month .

Firstly, spiced aloo filling is stuffed in puris, followed by dahi, and  spicy chutney and sweet tamarind chutney because  its give wonderful tast. u will repat the process again annd again .

Munna Bhel Puri House, Chakala, Mumbai | Zomato

 If Crispy Sev,  like desiccated coconut and other colour ful spices are then added.

After this sort of a cherry on the cake, Gul-kand is that the final ingredient to be stuffed with in the Puris etc .

Right in front of you the Puri, most  filled with colour ful ingredients, is lit on fire and tast is awesome because so  of fire .


2. Pani Puri From Gujarat’s Pani Puri ATM

In the Banaskanth district of Gujarat, one man became

The hero because of  that we deserved by inventing the contactless Pani-Puri . ATM for us all hungry foodies out there missing like  the sweet and tangy taste of Pani Puri.

Move Over Pani Puri. Try This Exciting Aloo Tokri As A Great Snacking Meal - NDTV Food

This contactless Pani Puri slot machine works a bit like an ATM. All you have to do  because is insert money into the machine and wait for a plate of Pani Puri to emerge out of the conveyor belt.

It’s a hygienic, contactless, innovative and nevertheless delicious way of eating  is fabulose because its a our favourite snack.


3. Frozen dessert Pani Puri At Mumbai’s Go Pure Ice Creams.

Pani Puri Revolution: 5 New Recipes for the Humble Indian Snack

There is a frozen dessert in the  Pani Puri, for real and you will find it at Go Pure Natural Ice Creams in Mira Road.

No, we are  it kidding! Peeps, if you are keen on Gol Gappas like because  monkeys love bananas, these babies are worth a visit .

E-Panipuri Cart | Franchise

The folks at Go Pure have created this version from scratch. Firstly, you have got your normal pani puris that are then it will server like crammed with small amounts of flavoured frozen dessert .

 secondly These are further doused with topping and for a final flourish, they add colourful   sprinkles.

 because of If you fancy mint, they also add a fresh leaf to every of your Gol Gappas.

4. Pani Puri From Bangalore’s Water shots Mr Pani Puri, Automatic slot machine


It is the very first people! An automatic Pani puri machine. Find it inside ETA And GT Mall in Bengaluru being served at Water shots Mr Pani Puri.

All you have got to try to to is order a plate of Pani- puris at the counter, you will tend a plate of 6 aloo puris, and you will take the Pani from the slot machine as and once you would want it.

Watershots | Authentic Indian Chaat, Hygienic Indian Chaat

you will also choose if you would like sweet Pani or spicy Pani with just a swipe of your finger on the screen ahead of you. Ai it is not that an excellent deal? its so 

5. Chai Pani Puri At Mumbai’s The Kettlery

Kettlery is every tea lover’s abode offering a spread of Indian teas, herbal teas and gourmet indulgences.

If tea is your elixir then this place is for you, serving 75 sorts of teas that are perfectly moreover  blended to appease your senses  so with exotic blends from across the world because  ,

 secondly, you’ll be during a tea haven and spoilt for choice. etc 

Pani Puri Park, Sathamangalam, Madurai

 One particular dish that basically caught our eye is that the Chai Puchkas.

further, One that basically so  caught our eyes is that the Chai Puchkas during which pani puris are served alongside peppermint tea with customary fillings for just ₹200

6. Pizza Pani Puri At Jaipur’s So Cheesy

Affordable and funky,  likewise So Cheesy in Jaipur is faithful its name. It serves innovative and insanely cheesy versions of dishes you’ve got never had with cheese! The Pizza Puchka is one such dish. and its so yummy you will try again in your life .

We all know our the Puchka to be spicy and tangy but have you ever ever thought of tasting pizza during a Puchka?

Recipe of Homemade Mango Pani Puri Shots | Manama's Kitchen

Well, that’s what they serve here.  so Puchkas loaded with cheese and pizza sauces.

Its a must-try! You’ll get 6 of the Pizza Puchkas at only ₹79! And that’s not it, you want to try the opposite crazy cheese dishes because the cheesecake shakes.

Filling and even as delicious, to not forget, cheesy!

7. Butter Maggi Puchkas At Poochkawala In Kolkata

The if  you religiously believe Maggi and puchkas are so  to be your staple diet then don’t forget to undertake this place in Kolkata which serves Butter Maggi Puchkas.

Puchkas are a staple food for each person in Kolkata and mixing these crunchy puchkas with  soooo creamy butter gravy and Maggi are some things surely to not be missed.

Pani Puri |Euphoric Vegan

Find these choicest delicacies at a quaint Puchka cafe that dishes out off beat puchkas.

Their puchkas aren’t just like the roadside ones, but really crunchier and thicker in terms of the filling inside.

We recommend the Butter Maggi Puchka which comes with a filling of butter Maggi topped with cheese.

8. Fish Puchka At Kolkata’s Puchka man

Coming to the best part- Puchkas! You can get your favourite street food with a etc  twist. 

 From Corn Cheese Puchka, Pan-Fried Maggi Puchka, Puchkaman’s Special Chicken Puchka to the Bong favourite Fish Puchka, there is something for every kind of Puchka lover be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian and etc puchka .

7 Best Pani Puri Stalls You Absolutely Must Hit In Mumbai! | WhatsHot Mumbai

They Puchkas are loaded with cheese and spices, and even Maggi. And if you’re not in the mood for extreme experimentation, then there are puchkas which are so closer to home too.

Gugni Puchka, Kolkata’s Special Aloo Puchka and so Special Dahi Puchka are lip-smacking. Choose from sweet, tangy or Jal Jeera water and you’re good to so.

9. Suji Gol Gappa From Bangalore’s Anand Sweet

This one’s a  of the North Indian classic, and it’s also a private favourite! Although it’s made up of Rava, it’s super tasty and healthy.

It has a so  lovely textured semolina crunch.  likewise This gol gappa is  so crispier and features a better texture than the

standard golgappas. You’ll need to try it out for yourself to taste the crunchy difference.

10. Vodka Pani Puri At Mumbai’s Pratap The Dhaba

How to Make Indian Pani Puri Recipe Golgappa Gol Gappe Masala Shots

Kill two birds with one stone by visiting Pratap the Dhaba and that popular restaurant in the  Andheri West that serves so Vodka Pani Puri.

(INR 243 plus taxes for a plate of 6) for those looking to start out their evening on a rocking note so.

Hats off to the genius who introduced the trend of  further  moreover alcohol pani puri shots.



1. Imli Pani

The sour and sweet taste of tamarind is sort or famous because between girls.

Tamarind features a lot of hydroxy acid and  sugar and B-complex  so vitamin which is unusual for a fruit calcium.

Imli pani is a most famous in Pani Puri. as well as   because They sour and sweet taste of imli mixed with black salt and  but red chili and water is a great flavor to Pani Puri.

Also, it’s one among the recent flavored water in Pani Puri.

2. Hing Pani (Asafoetida Water)

Hing Pani Puri | How To Make Golgappe Ka Pani | Heeng Golgappa Pani Recipe - YouTube

1/4 so tsp Asafoetida (hing) and 
2 tbsp  so Tamarind Paste (Imli) so 
1/4 tsp black salt (sanchal) and 
1/2  tsp chaat masala so
salt to taste. after that 

1. Take a mixer jar add all the ingredients with some water and make a paste. after that 
2. Add this Paste in 2 Cups of water…If you would like add some more amount of salt or black salt.


2. Jeera Pani (Cumin seeds Water)

Jal Jeera / Jaljeera Recipe - Holi Recipes - Sharmis Passions

1tbsp Roasted Jeera (You can take Roasted Jeera powder as well) further 
1/2 tsp black salt (sanchal)
1/2 tsp chaat masala
1/2 Tbsp lemon juice


1. Take a mixer jar add all the ingredients with some water and make a paste.  after so 
2. Add this Paste in 2 Cups of water. and ..If you would like add some more amount of salt or black salt.


3. Lahsun Pani (Garlic Water)

Pani Puri Recipe - Easy vegan Indian Mexican Snack


2 Cloves of Garlic and 
1 tbsp Chili Powder and 
1/2 tsp Black Salt and 
Salt to taste

Golgappa recipe | panipuri recipe | panipuri filling recipe | easy puchka recipe - Bless My Food By Payal

1. Take a mixer jar add all the ingredients with some water and make a paste.
2. Add this Paste in 2 Cups of water. after  so 

Increase the quantity of salt or black salt if you feels to feature  of pani puri . etc

4. Pudina Pani (Mint Water)

Pani puri / Golgappa shots in air fryer (step by step pics) - Fabtreats

1/2 Cup Fresh Mint Leaves and 
2 Green chillies and 
1/2 tsp black salt (sanchal) and 
1/2 tsp chaat masala and 
salt to taste. and 

1. Take a mixer jar add all the ingredients with some water and make a paste. some likewise manner .

2. Add this Paste in 2 Cups of water…If you would like add some more amount of salt or black salt. etc


5. Adrak Pani (Ginger Water)

There are 10 different names for pani puri. How many do you know? | The Times of India

1″ of Ginger piece and 
1/2 tsp Black Salt so 
Pinch of Hing and 
Water and
Salt to taste so 

1. Take a mixer jar add all the ingredients within the so  some water and make a paste,
2. Add this Paste in 2 Cups of water. and ..If you would like add  so some more amount of salt or black salt.


6. Gud-Imli ka Paani (Tamarind and Jaggery water)

पानीपूरी की खट्टी मीठी चटनी (pani puri ki khatti meethi chutney recipe in Hindi) रेसिपी बनाने की विधि in Hindi by Arti jain - Cookpad

50 gms Tamarind and 
80 gms Jaggery so 
4-5 dates date 
1/2 tsp chilli powder so 
1/2 tsp roasted cumin seeds (Jeera) powder like wise 
1/4 tsp black salt and 
salt to taste and 


1. Remove seeds from the dates and tamarind, wash and add 1 tea cup of water then . but  Leave for 2 hours Cook all for 5 minutes with Jaggery.

Thereafter, blend in a liquidizer and strain.
2.  and Add the flavor  ,  and cumin powder and salt.  but Mix well.


7. Dhaniya aur Pudine ka paani (Coriander and mint water)

जापानी पुदीना(मेन्था) की खेती — Vikaspedia

1 Cup Fresh coriander leaves chopped and 
1/2 Cup Fresh mint leaves chopped so 
2-3 Green chillies chopped and
Black salt to taste so 
1/4 tsp Sugar and 
1 tsp Lemon juice  so 

Cooking Thumb: Pani Puri


1. Process the fresh coriander, fresh mint and green mis likewise  chilies during a blender to a smooth paste with a touch water  but if  its  required.

Then add this Paste in 2 Cups of Water. and  but mix well.

2. Add black salt and sugar. Transfer to a bowl, add the lemon juice and but  mix well.

30 Puris and 
1 cup boondi,and soaked and drained
Boiled Chana and Aloo Masala.


How to Serve 🙂
1. Make a hole within the center of every puri.
2. Fill each puri with Aloo and chana Masala and tiny boondi.
3. Serve one filled puri dipped in the different water served.
4. Repeat for the remaining puris.
Serve Immediately.

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